When Career Change is Not an Option

You might not want a new career, just some help to make this one more fulfilling.

Middle managers 45+ face a confluence of four major spheres of change:

  • personal
  • organisational
  • societal
  • technological

These spheres of change collide during our forties and the positive and negative effects last well into later life.

I am Stephen Hay and I work with middle-aged, middle managers for whom career change is not an option. You may also have no particular desire to seek the exalted heights of the Executive Suite.

I make no judgement as to why that may be the case. Rather, it allows me to carefully choose who I work with. You will not receive help to “escape the corporate world”, embark on an alternative career, nor will I help you climb its ladder. I will, though, help you thrive within it.

Craftsmanship expected

I will also help you transform New Zealand’s organisations into places where craftsmanship is expected and trust and respect is the norm.

You are a mid-level manager in an organisation of 200 – 2000 employees therefore you are uniquely suited to do this.

You stand at the intersection of decision-making peers, directing executives and influencing team members.

With an opportunity like that, is a new career really what you want?

Craftsman Managers

The problems we address may include: change fatigue, risk aversion, a feeling of having fewer choices available, a strong desire to find a new career, an unhealthy investment in the status quo, and self-censorship.

We will work towards becoming Craftsman Managers, doing the job of management well for its own sake. And helping your team members become craftsmen and women in their own right.

If career change is not an option, imagine managing a team of people whose sole purpose is to do the job well for its own sake. How easy would that be…?

The results you can expect to see include: re-engagement, the ability to thrive in a chaotic environment, calmness in the face of adversity, an increased sense of purpose, and an increase in your team’s productivity and performance.

Together we will design a programme that will help you navigate and negotiate the four spheres of change: personal, organisational, societal and technological. And thrive in chaos.

Enquiries are confidential, discretion is assured.

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