I am a writer, a reader and a roamer.

The only thing that truly terrifies me is a blank page. This site is the result of overcoming that fear.

Keeping the spark of mischief alive

I have worked in many different fields ranging from unskilled labour to chairing a board.
I have worked across many industries, from military to humanitarian to education to construction.
I have started enterprises, changed them and shut them down.
I am a sounding board.

I am a reader.
I am a writer.
I am a roamer.
Mostly though, I am an advisor.

I love helping people prepare for uncertainty.
I love helping people understand root cause.
I love helping people understand invisible structures.
I am an observer.

The Mischief

Recently I helped a friend understand why she could not find a good man.
Recently I helped a friend work through grief.
Recently I helped a Tier 2 Manager restructure his entire department from first principles.
Recently I worked with a board to close down a volunteer organisation.

It’s a bit like lifting rocks and peering under them, you never know what you are going to find.
It’s like entering a cave with only a candle for light, are the shadows real?
It’s like looking through a kaleidoscope, turn the dial and the whole picture changes.
It’s like walking backwards into the future, you can see what brought you here but have no idea where it will take you.

What sets me apart is my ability to walk around the problem, view it from multiple points of view and suggest solutions from those perspectives.
What sets me apart is that I learn from women so that I can work with men.
What sets me apart is that I have always stayed outside the mainstream; observing, listening, learning but never entering.
What sets me apart is my sense of mischief.


You can work with me through my coaching programmes, then you are on your own.
You can have me walk alongside you as you do it yourself.
You can have me do it for you.
You can have me train your people to do it themselves.

Your problem is that there are never enough hours in the day
Your problem is that there is too much change happening in your life
Your problem is that you feel fundamentally, utterly alone
Your problem is that, some days, the only one who will listen is the bottle.

Working together will mean that you can get clarity on what matters.
Working together will mean no rock will be left unturned.
Working together will help you see the untapped talent that lies within your team.
Working together will give you peace of mind.


Someone asked me to describe myself in a few lines, this is what came:
I’m just a guy.
Early 60s, 5’10” (178cm), 76kg.
Long hair, short beard, both grey.
Widowed, with two young adult children.
I think a lot and write a little.
I have worked in a wide variety of occupations.
I have lived and worked in eight different countries and visited maybe 35 more.
I like simple things.
I’m happy in my own company.
I don’t get bored.

I am an advisor
Helping you lift rocks and peer underneath
Because there is too much change happening in your life.


If I were to wish for an obituary, this would be it (in present tense, because I’m not dead yet…)

Stephen Hay is an articulate and discreet observer of human nature and repairer of human systems.

He is known for his unobtrusive yet erudite nature and light-touch, high-impact interventions.

Enjoys a single malt, porter or stout, oozes craftsmanship, and surrounds himself with people, thoughts and objects of only the highest quality, on one condition: they must contain a non-fatal flaw.

His distinctive look (long black hair and silver beard) provides the merest hint of the sharp mind and warm heart he brings to his encounters, the success of which he considers your ability to forget he is there, or ever was…

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