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Strategic transformation expert Stephen Hay is the Private Advisor to mid-level managers responsible for implementing corporate change.

Blah, blah, blah…

Actually, this is my page

The page upon which I can wax lyrical – in first person – because, firstly, I am a person…

The page in which I get to write about how we can find out if what I bring may be able to help you solve your problems or help you move to a higher level of performance (however that may be measured). Or not.

Either one is a possibility. Life gets a bit binary sometimes.

Alan Weiss, he of Million Dollar Consultant fame – and a past business mentor – once said to me, ‘Stephen, you are one of the few people I know who is unable to articulate the value you bring to a client.’

At the time it shook me a bit.

Because the whole point of marketing, and value propositions, and unique selling propositions, is that we know the value we bring so well that it just magically makes so much sense to the person we are talking to that it is clear that only I can solve your problems. Bollocks.

He provides practical advice for leaders who are accountable for delivering a positive return-on-investment (ROI) from their corporate change projects.

Right, and who wants that. No-one.

Because it doesn’t actually mean anything.

You see, now I see this inability to articulate value as a strength.


Well, firstly, because I don’t have to read, or write, that sort of tosh anymore.

More importantly, because value, by its nature, is co-created. It is not something I can package up and deliver to you.

No, the value I bring to you, and you bring to me, we will work out together. At the moment we are sitting down and finding out if we are a fit.

If there is a fit, there is a pretty good chance value will be created. For both of us. In that very meeting.

If there is no fit, now, there can be no value. Pretty simple, actually. The crucial bit is that there may be no fit, now. And “not now” does not mean “never”. For either of us.

That’s why a conversation is never wasted.

So I’m going to take a large step outside the rule box.

I’m not going to pretend that I know your problems better than you. That would be foolish of me. And breathtakingly arrogant.

That approach might work if you are wanting to lose weight, make money or find a partner; the three most lucrative niches in internet marketing.

In those cases, of course the practitioner can tap into your deepest fears (what you want to move away from) and desires (what you want to move towards), and exploit them. Because they are all over the internet and they are an integral part of all of us. All he or she needs to do is indulge in a bit of introspection, assume there are a bunch of other people like him. And market accordingly.

But we, you and I, are going to write our own rule book.

We’re going to assume nothing.

We’re going to have a conversation about the issues you are facing and the gifts, experiences and knowledge I bring.

The only decision you need to make is whether or not this approach suits you.

It is my approach you must judge.

Not my solution.

Not my value.

They come later, much later.

Right now, all you need to worry about is my approach.

That is what sets me apart.

And that is what keeps you free (because leaving people free is extremely important to me…)

Free to decide at any moment that this approach, this way of working together is not for you. Or that it is absolutely the thing you’ve been waiting for.

Either is possible.

You decide.

And your decision is this, if this sounds interesting enough to meet and talk through over coffee, phone or Skype, click on this button to book a call and let’s see where this can go…

Fit. No fit.

That’s all we’re trying to find out.

(And, yes, that’s me. Hiding in the corner.

You’ll find me in the same place in a café…)

If you’re still hesitating, have a look at my Strengths Finder profile, it will give you a pretty good idea of how I operate…headshot-v3

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