Bach for Bureaucrats

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As someone who works in a bureaucracy you will be (over) exposed to the practicalities and contradictions of human behaviour. You are most probably also well-versed in the management literature.

This newsletter is not about that.

Bach for Bureaucrats is a weekly newsletter in which you will read stories of real situations in the workplace. And I’ll give you some things to think about by reframing the story through the lens of the 38 Bach Remedies (you have probably heard of Rescue Remedy).

Importantly, the remedies are not about fixing anything. They are about helping you damp down the negative emotional reaction you might have to a situation. Their purpose is simply to help you clear away the emotional clouds so you can better see the situation facing you.

Dr Bach’s intention was that this system of flower essences should be free or as close to it as possible. He wanted the maximum number of people to become self-prescribing. They would become so attuned to their own emotional reaction to situations that they could deal with the negative side of it before it turned into a physical illness. In today’s language, deal with the stress before it turns into an ulcer. Or, simply be mindful.

The first step is education.

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