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You’ve probably heard of Rescue Remedy, the best known of the Bach Flower Essences. In fact it is a combination of 5 of a total of 38 remedies discovered by Dr Edward Bach in the 1930s.

Edward Bach first studied medicine in Birmingham and later at the University College Hospital, London, where he was House Surgeon. He also ran his own consulting rooms in Harley Street.

As if this were not enough, he undertook original research into vaccines in his own research laboratory and his seven nosodes are still used today. He was a bacteriologist, pathologist and, later, homeopath, of note.

During his time as a Harley St specialist he came to realise that the most powerful way to aid the healing process was treat the individual’s emotional reaction to an event, be it disease or accident (hence Rescue Remedy).

His approach to medicine (get the mind straight and the body will follow) is now seen in multiple domains, such as: mindfulness training, the mental toughness of high performance athletes and how important it is having the right mindset for success.

In other words, his stance that two people will react to disease – or any event, for that matter – in uniquely different ways has carried over into all high-performance domains. Mindset matters.

Mental health, attitude, mindset.

Think how much emphasis is now placed on mindset but how little is placed on the emotional state that keeps you in the mindset you want to leave behind.

This is where the Remedies play their role. They can help remove the emotional blockers to reaching the mindset management gurus exhort you to adopt.

For my part, I have been using the Bach Remedies for the last 20-odd years and have been working in or for bureaucracies for over 30.

A few years back I decided to formalise my interest in the Bach Remedies by pursuing the necessarily long and formal training required for recognition as a Bach Flower Registered Practitioner (that just means I can be listed on the Bach Centre’s list of worldwide practitioners).

In 2019, having successfully passed Levels 1 and 2, I completed the Level 3 coursework (95% grade) and started the practical work towards my registration.

Sign-up bonus

As part of my registration requirements I need to complete three case studies so I’m looking for three volunteers. We will need three consultations and I will need to take extensive notes (anonymised) so my work can be assessed.

When you sign-up tell me a little about why you’d like to be one of my case studies and I’ll reply within 24 hours.

The bonus?

Be one of my case studies and receive three consultations at no cost. It’s that simple.

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