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Bach for Bureaucrats is a weekly newsletter in which you will read stories of real situations and I’ll give you some things to think about in the context of the 38 Remedies.

You’ll receive links to descriptions and have the opportunity to read more for yourself or write back to me with questions. If you feel you need a practitioner you can either find one locally or we can set up a call.

Rather than list the remedies and work through them, each week you will receive a description of a typical office scenario and some suggestions as to which remedies might be appropriate. If you have situations you’d like to add to the mix, send them in by replying to the email.

The more situations you write about, the more real the interpretations will be.

Sign-up bonus

As part of my registration requirements I need to complete three case studies so I’m looking for three volunteers. We will need three consultations and I will need to take extensive notes (anonymised) so my work can be assessed.

When you sign-up tell me a little about why you’d like to be one of my case studies and I’ll reply within 24 hours.

The bonus?

Be one of my case studies and receive three consultations at no cost. It’s that simple.


Bach for Bureaucrats sign-up
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