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This is where you can learn how to engage with my change-related Advisory and Coaching Services.

You can read more about me here but the short version is that I help men in the Autumn of their lives.

Career change, lifestyle changes and disappointment are the subjects. Identity, purpose and adaptability are the domains.

If you work in a bureaucracy, you can engage with my service industry-specific consulting services.

The simplest way to experience my help is through my Think IPA programme.

An email only programme, you will receive a weekly set of questions. The sole purpose of which is help you reflect on how you got to where you are, where that might be and where you want to go.

White-collar executive-type, desk-jockey, manufacturing plant supervisor or labourer. It matters not. Career change, lifestyle changes, and disappointment are real issues. Especially during the period 37-56 years of age. Especially for The Autumnal Man.

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There are several ways to engage with my content and the ideas it contains.

The first and simplest is simply browsing and reading this site.

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After that, you may wish to subscribe to a newsletter.

Buy my book

If you work in a large organisation, my book “Flying Blind” may be of interest, you can download it in PDF form for free. No need for an email. Or you can order a hard copy which will be posted to you.

Exchange emails every week for a year

Think IPA is a year-long, email-only, coaching engagement based on three questions asked every week. Low effort, high consequence.

Consulting and Coaching

The next level in a more structured engagement for both private and corporate clients.

The Sounding Board is tailored for private clients.

The Corporate Craftsman is more suited if you are dealing with the shenanigans of an organisation.

Bach Remedies

Finally, you may wish to partake of my programme based on the Bach Flower Remedies, Bach for Bureaucrats. It may be too woo-woo for many but for those for whom it strikes a chord, the offer is there.